Buckwheat hull pillow

Source of good sleep – a pillow made of buckwheat hulls! 

Several positive keywords that characterise a healthfully significant step in the path of good sleep are the following:

  • Natural;
  • Elastic;
  • Breathable;
  • Forms a shape according to the shape of your head and neck;
  • Support suitable for your body (head, neck, spine) is quaranteed for the entire night.

Reccomended for:

  • Allergic people;
  • Rheumatics;
  • People suffering from headache/migraines;
  • Relaxes when you are under stress;
  • Prevents head from sweating.

Which pillow is suitable for me?

  • Take into account the width of your sholders, elasticity of the pillow and favourite sleeping position;
  • Men usually need bigger and higher pillows than women;
  • It is recommended to use pillows that cover the neck and shoulders for sleeping;
  • Pillow should support the neck in all sleeping positions so that the neck would be a little higher the spine.