Suffolk – black-faced breed of meat sheep

The Suffolk breed originates from England and the Suffolk sheep are classified as a Down breed according to the classification of breeds. The Down breed also includes sheep of Oxford Down, Hampshire Down, Dorset Down and Southdown breed. In the case of sheep of Down breed, primarily male animals are used in crossing to provide lambs of high quality meat. In Geat Britain it is the male animals of the Suffolk breed that are used the most crossing.

Suffolk sheep are farmed in various conditions, for example in the mountains as well as in the plains. Thus, these are very tolerant animals. The Suffolk breed evolved from crossing the South Down rams and Norfolk Horned ewes at the beginning of the 19th century and they were recognised already in 1810. The black-faced sheep of Norfolk breed were very tolerant and they were farmed in the windy and cold climate of South East England.

Nowadays, the Suffolk sheep are big and highly muscular with the following characteristics:

  • Rams weigh more than 110 kg (approximately 113-150 kg);
  • Ewes weigh approximately 80-110 kg;
  • Thickness of staples from ewes is approximately 30-36 µm on average,;
  • Staple length is approximately 7-8 cm on average;
  • Wool yield in approximately 2,5-3 kg.